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Demigirl FAQ[edit | edit source]

About Gender[edit | edit source]

What does a demigirl mean?:[edit | edit source]

someone who is partially but not fully/exclusively a woman

Can you clarify?:[edit | edit source]

This is very-open ended.

How much of a woman you feel can vary (you could range from 1% woman to 99% woman). Or maybe you don't want to break down your gender into portions (you don't have to!). You just don't feel like "woman" fully fits you.

Your sense of feeling woman can be fluid and change over time, or it can be static. You may feel woman + something else simultaneously, or maybe the feelings are more distinct.

The other part of your gender (the non-woman part) can be literally any other gender(s) or lack thereof. You just have to feel not exclusively 100% woman, 100% of the time.

How do I know if I'm a demigirl? What does it feel like?:[edit | edit source]

That's up to you to find out, but know that being a demigirl/demiwoman can be felt and reflected in a lot of different ways. If you ask many demigirls about their feelings, you'll probably get slightly different answers. No one of a specific gender feels the exact same way. There is no checklist that you need to consider in order to "count". Just take some time to learn and try it out for yourself. If you feel demigirl feels right for you, go for it!

Am I faking/lying to myself?:[edit | edit source]

Faking is done intentionally. This is legitimately questioning your gender and feeling pressured to fit in a certain norm and find all sorts of evidence. I would highly recommend reading The Null Hypothecis to get some reassurance.

I feel dysphoric/nondysphoric about [x body part] or [x social situation]. Can I be a demigirl?:[edit | edit source]

You are a valid demigirl just by existing. AMAB, AFAB, and intersex demigirls are all equally valid.

Demigirls can have all kinds of relationships with their bodies and where they fit in socially. In other words, they may be dysphoric and/or nondysphoric in various ways (and those feelings may be fluid), and they're all valid. You don't have to specifically like, hate, or feel neutral/ambivalent about anything related to gender in order to be a demigirl.

I feel [x] about gendered language/terms. Can I be a demigirl?:[edit | edit source]

A demigirl can have any relationship with gendered language, including female/feminine coded terms. You may be completely fine with them and only want that used for you, or you may hate it and only want gender neutral language. You may be indifferent, or you may prefer all kinds of gendered and non-gendered language. You may have more selective feelings about it, being okay with some gendered terms and not others, or maybe you're only okay with them in certain situations. Regardless, whatever you are or aren't comfortable with is valid.

I did/felt [x thing] when I was a child/teen. Can I be a demigirl?:[edit | edit source]

Signs in your youth are not required to be a demigirl. What matters is how you feel now and whether the term feels right for you at this moment. Just like with gender expression, your past does not automatically define your gender, but it could give some insight if that feels right to you. It's up to you to decide if your past feelings and experiences feel relevant to your present ones.

Do I need to transition?:[edit | edit source]

Nope! You may find out you're a demigirl and change nothing else about yourself, and that's perfectly fine. Only physically and/or socially transition if it's safe to do so and you want to. Still, feel free to experiment with names/pronouns/outfits/etc. if you want to and it's safe; you might find something that you like better.

About Gender Expression[edit | edit source]

I do/wear [x thing]. Can I be a demigirl?:[edit | edit source]

There are no set rules on how a demigirl dresses or performs. Your expression can be feminine, masculine, androgynous, neutral, fluid, or none of the above. You don't even have to label your expression if you don't want to. You can do whatever you prefer as a demigirl.

While gender expression doesn't define gender, both can be closely tied. You could feel your expression is a reflection of your gender, or you may feel they have nothing to do with each other. It's up to you to figure out what's right for you.

Do I need to use [x] pronouns?:[edit | edit source]

You can use whatever pronouns you prefer! There are no pronoun requirements when it comes to being a demigirl. You may use one set, multiple sets, neopronouns, or none. The same goes for names! Whatever feels right for you

Other[edit | edit source]

If I'm an AFAB demigirl, can I call myself trans?:[edit | edit source]

Since trans is an umbrella term for those who don't fit with their gender assigned at birth, you can call yourself trans if you want to. Same with nonbinary, as nonbinary refers to genders that aren't strictly male or female.

I don't know if demigirl is right for me. Is there some other label I can use?/Can I use other terms in addition to demigirl?:[edit | edit source]

You absolutely can use other labels! Here's a short, noncomprehensive list of labels similar to demigirl:

  • Nonbinary woman/girl
  • Genderqueer woman/girl
  • Woman-aligned nonbinary/genderqueer person
  • Multigender (e.g., bigender with one gender as woman)
  • Genderfluid
  • Genderflux (specifically girlflux)
  • Genderfae
  • And many more!

Resources[edit | edit source]

Here's a list of resources for transitioning!:

Here's some other demigirl related sites: